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Our Projects

Below is an overview of some of the ongoing projects at Panjshir Aid, where over 1500 people have taken part:

Picture of the weekly Farsi Class

Dari Classes

To aid with the advancement of education, the charity provides free Dari classes every Saturday, which enables children and young teenagers with the essential linguistic skills needed to connect with their cultural heritage, communicate effectively within their community, and pursue educational opportunities with confidence and proficiency.

Mental Health Support Groups

Panjshir Aid hosts mental health support groups to address the challenges faced by refugees and asylum seekers. We provide a safe space for individuals to share their stories and seek support, aiming to raise awareness and offer resources for resettlement. Our culturally sensitive approach, guided by volunteers familiar with Afghan culture, prioritises the well-being of refugee families.

A photo on a football pitch with players standing arounf
A picture of a kite which has Eid Mubarak written on it

Cultural and Religious Celebrations

Panjshir Aid annually hosts Persian New Year events and Eid celebrations to promote cohesion within the community, celebrate cultural heritage, and foster unity among diverse backgrounds.

Commemorative Awareness Days

Panjshir Aid actively engages in commemorating awareness days and events such as Refugee Week and International Mother Language Day. Through a series of events and activities, we honour the resilience of refugees, celebrate linguistic diversity, and promote the importance of language preservation and understanding. These occasions serve as poignant reminders of the challenges faced by displaced communities while fostering solidarity and understanding among individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds.

A photo of a street with people celebrating and dancing
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